Product Information


Benches are an essential exterior item used to provide small resting spots in places where many people gather and come and go, such as parks, stations, bus stops and tourist spots. NAKAMURA has built a rich array of product lines, covering widely ranging sizes, designs and materials in order to cater to the needs of many different installation environments. We boast of Japan's largest market shares in the manufacture and sale of original benches. Our products, with exquisite finishing and highly durable structure, create a unique and exclusively comfortable space for people.

Street Furniture and Exterior Items

Street furniture and exterior items manufactured by NAKAMURA, featuring distinguished designs, functionality and durability, create relaxation by harmonizing streets and people.
Various resting facilities, tables and benches that can be used by all members of the family together, solar illumination lamps, signs and so on...
NAKAMURA has been and will continue to create comfortable environments, not only in parks and streets, but also in open spaces ancillary to transportation and many other infrastructure resources.

Playground Equipment

Playing is one of the most important and indispensable elements for the growth of children, and the source of creation of a rich future world; this is generally accepted truth. Throughout its history, NAKAMURA has accumulated many achievements in the field of the manufacture of playground equipment that are useful for the mental and physical growth of children and, at the same time, highly safe and reliable. We can propose various types of playground equipment to meet a wide variety of customer needs, which range from slides and other park play items, through school sports tools, to large-scale amusement equipment and indoor play equipment for commercial facilities that are highly effective in attracting many customers.

Health and Sports Facilities

We are ready to propose a wide array of products for health and sports purposes, including space-saving fitness equipment that allows users to exercise readily, benches for players to rest on, spectator stands of various sizes and scales, and many more. In the category of spectator stands, NAKAMURA has been engaged for many years in the manufacture of highly durable, light-weight and ready-to-assemble stands that can be relocated, expanded and disassembled, in addition to permanent concrete stands of various designs. Customers can choose the ideal one from among highly versatile and flexible spectator stands designed to be useful at events and various other activities, based on their requirements in terms of specific conditions, such as budget, space and capacity. Furthermore, we manufacture high quality sports products, such as football free kick practice machines and dugouts.

Certification of International Standards
ISO 9001 Certified, And We Continue to Endeavor to Achieve Still Higher Quality ....

In 2003, NAKAMURA acquired an ISO 9001 certificate, the international standard for quality management system, as a step toward the provision of high quality products and the realization of an organization highly oriented to customer satisfaction. NAKAMURA has set a clear quality policy and a high quality goal, and established a system that enables us to meet a wide range of customer needs and requirements.

Environmental Activities
Long history of addressing environmental issues

At NAKAMURA, for more than 40 years, we have been using timber from forest thinning and non-leaded paints for our products, and have been recycling waste materials produced during production at our factory. We also develop EcoMark-certified products as part of our efforts to address environmental issues.

Certified to Carry the SP (Safety Product) Mark on Products
Brand of Safety and Reliability

NAKAMURA has been certified to carry the SP Mark on its products by the Japan Park Facilities Association. This is a proof that NAKAMURA is designing, manufacturing, selling and installing its products in compliance with the Guidelines on Securing Safety of Playground Equipment for Urban Parks issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.